Campaign of the Week

Finally a campaign that seems to mirror Poke the Tiger’s idea of advertising needing a change in direction from the mundane of old to the a newer more controversial style of marketing; and boy oh boy have Transfer Wise provided us with a campaign that has got heads turning! Over the last couple of years we have seen Transfer Wise lift the curtain on how our banks are over charging us for overseas money transfers (seen in the example below).

The explicit and aesthetically shrewd copy has the ability to catch the viewer’s eye due to the content not being in the style of the adverts we tend to see on a day-to-day basis. Instead of doing an exchange rate comparison, like most companies these days are guilty of, Transfer wise have gone out of their way to point the finger at those who are doing a disservice to the greater public in an almost vigilante style. This series of print ads caused a great deal of debate amongst the greater public with comments on the TW blog ranging from ‘Hmm, not sure this captures the main benefit of your service though - by trading directly with individuals I get the best rate…There are tons of people telling me they of...

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The Future of Advertising

A couple of weeks ago in our maiden blog post we spoke about how there isn’t a better time for new advertising agencies to enter the market and as according to: the UK’s author initiative advertising statistics, released last week by the Advertising Association/ Warc: UK advertising shrugged off European uncertainty to post 8.2% growth in Q1 2015. Reaching £4, 711m in total… the highest on record.’In a recent report by Campaign Live we learnt that: ‘The growth was "well ahead" of the previous prediction of 6.2 per cent, and has led to an upwards revision of 0.6 percentage points to 6.2 per cent for thr 2015 forecast.’ With there being an abnormally large amount of money pumped into advertising as it is, perhaps some sort of a trickle down effect will see more money become available and more companies willing to put money towar...


Crossing ‘the line’

In the world of advertising the same question stood the test of time for many years, namely, where is the moral line drawn and how far one can go without pushing too many buttons or rubbing too many people up the wrong way? In modern times, this question seems to have changed slightly, and it’s now a case of whether or not the agency in question wants to acknowledge ‘the line’ at all. With companies like Paddy Power and American Apparel really pushing the limits in terms of what can be shown to the greater public, be it in print or digital campaigns, these boundaries are pushed further and further and look to be about to burst with a flood of inappropriate advertising and marketing campaigns becoming the social norm.

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Is it time for a new genre of adverting agency?

In recent times the consumer has seemed to let out a cry for help for a change in advertising direction, from the ways of old to perhaps a newer and more exciting, fresher way of advertising.

This is borne out by a recent poll carried out by Nielsen: The Global Survey of Trust in Advertising, we can see this at its clearest, with the results showing that the consumer prefers word-of-mouth formats such as recommendations from family and friends and consumer opinions posted online’ over most tra...

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